Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health

The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate energy balance, metabolism growth, and reproduction. When there is too little thyroid hormone available, we call it hypothyroidism. When this condition is caused by an autoimmune disease, it is called Hashimoto’s disease. Low thyroid can also develop as a natural part of ageing, and frequently appears around peri-menopause and menopause. Although it can affect both sexes, women are at higher risk of low thyroid than men.

Most people recognize the common symptoms of an under active thyroid – weight gain, cold intolerance, hair loss, and fatigue. Perhaps you have been to see your doctor about these symptoms only to be told “your thyroid tests are normal.”

Thyroid disorders can be sub-clinical, meaning standard tests are normal in the presence of low thyroid symptoms. In this situation, more in-depth testing can uncover a problem that can then be treated. Prescription medications are then prescribed on the basis of the lab results and adjusted until the thyroid is balanced.

Becoming a Patient

Please fill in the contact form below and request an Information Package. This package includes details such as fees, whether or not you need a referral from your doctor, types of testing offered, and appointment information.

At your first visit, Dr. Hatfield will review your medical history, then order a comprehensive panel of labs to determine your baseline hormone levels. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to get you started on your program and to monitor your progress.

Each and every patient is unique, so response to treatment varies. Some patients notice results within the first 2-3 weeks while others may need additional time and monitoring before experiencing improvement.

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