Thyroid Health

Thyroid Health

The thyroid is perhaps the most mis-understood gland in the body. Most people recognize the common symptoms of an under active thyroid – weight gain, cold intolerance, hair loss and fatigue.

Perhaps you have been to see your doctor about these symptoms only to be told “your thyroid tests are normal.”  Yet you know something is wrong. Chances are, you are probably right!  

Thyroid disorders are increasing in frequency and are commonly missed when routine screening methods are used.  When complete thyroid testing is combined with a clinical examination and evaluation of symptoms, thyroid disorders can be identified and treated naturally.

Treating The Thyroid Naturally

When it comes to treatment, synthetic thyroid medications (Synthroid, levothyroxine) only provide the body with one of the many thyroid hormones our gland actually makes (T4).  Natural, bio-identical thyroid contains a full complement of thyroid hormones and a perfect balance of T4 and T3.  Natural thyroid is superior in situations where the body has trouble converting T4 to T3 (stress, nutrient deficiencies, infections) or if T3 is being blocked (also referred to as thyroid resistance).  Many patients with Hashimoto’s disease report that they “just feel better” on natural thyroid.

The thyroid can also be over active (Grave’s Disease or thyroiditis).  In this situation, you may experience weight loss, palpitations, tremors, a rapid heart beat and/or excessive sweating.  Treatment is usually directed at getting the symptoms under control (beta blockers or PTU).  In severe cases, physicians will destroy the thyroid with radioactive iodine or remove it surgically.  These drastic measures could be avoided with the implementation of a holistic plan to bring the thyroid back into balance.

Thyroid Affects Other Hormones (and vice versa)

No thyroid work up would be complete without also assessing adrenal function.  Cortisol and thyroid hormone work together to maintain energy balance and metabolism.  If either is not working properly, the other system will be affected.  Thyroid disorders can also affect menstrual cycles.  Low thyroid is commonly found among women with infertility or recurrent miscarriages.

Get Your Thyroid Balanced

At NOWhealth, we take the thyroid very seriously!  If you have symptoms of low or high thyroid (take the self test here), labs will be ordered to assess hormone levels, iodine and trace minerals.  We also look for anti-bodies against the thyroid which develop if you have Hashimoto’s or Grave’s disease.  An ultrasound may also be suggested.  After a complete evaluation, a holistic treatment plan will get the best results: natural thyroid hormone, vitamin and iodine replacement, dietary changes that support thyroid health and balancing of other hormones.

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