Imagine coughing, sneezing, laughing and exercising with confidence. Now you can with IncontiLase.​

Urinary incontinence affects 6 out of 10 women in their lifetime! Until recently, our only options to treat bladder leakage have been Kegel exercises, pessaries and surgery. IncontiLase is a specialized laser treatment designed to increase collagen at the bladder neck. This creates better bladder control for those who suffer from Stress or Mixed Urinary Incontinence, common following childbirth or with ageing.

During the IncontiLase procedure a special attachment is inserted into the vagina. Through this attachment, the vaginal canal is treated with short, non-ablative laser pulses through a small hand piece. The patented laser heats the vaginal tissue under the bladder, stimulating new collagen growth. This creates a better support at the bladder neck where it is needed most. The procedure takes between 15-30 minutes with minimal discomfort.

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Our Success Stories

“I am a 32 year old mother of four. After having my third and fourth babies I adjusted by cutting out activities I used to love due to leaking. After my first treatment, I was shocked! I could jog and do my full workouts again, even the more intense ones. I can now jump on the trampoline with my kids. Another added bonus is that my husband has also noticed a difference as well in the bedroom. I have already raved about this to my family and friends and will continue to do so. Excellent pain free procedure!”
- ML, busy mom
“As an active person, dealing with exercise induced stress incontinence has been difficult. The laser procedure has made a huge difference in my day to day activities.”
- JS, Fitness Instructor
"I am super grateful for learning about the IncontiLase procedure for leaky bladder. I have experience leakage for the last 11 years since having our two girls 15 months apart. I live an active lifestyle as Personal Trainer/Business owner. Day and in and out I see other women of varying ages experiencing similar bladder issues and I can't wait to see them try this amazing procedure. My first treatment was 7 weeks ago and after the first treatment my husband noticed a difference. As the week went on I too noticed changes. Prior to my second treatment I was asked to cough with a full bladder and there were significant changes taking place. After the second treatment I am so excited to share with everyone this great option for lessening leakage. I can go for a trail run, cough and even drink tea before bed without any issues. I don't feel like I have to go all the time either. This is fantastic option for us ladies. Fo those of you with partners let them know what is in it for them too!! Thank you Dr Hatfield."
- MH, Fitness Instructor
"I received two vaginal laser rejuvenation treatments in April and May. I was at about 70% after the second one so you did a third one in October. I've been very busy and not thinking about it much but just yesterday I realized that my leakage problem is pretty much a thing of the past. I'm up to about 95%. The third treatment nailed it. Thanks so much."
- ET

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