October is synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted on October 12, 2016

October is synonymous with Breast Cancer Awareness.

Pink ribbons everywhere remind us that a cure for breast cancer is still beyond our
reach. Women are diligently getting their mammograms, but this disease continues to
be responsible for the deaths of our loved ones - 14 women will die each day in Canada
from breast cancer. A woman’s lifetime risk is 1 in 8! But did you know that breast
cancer is PREVENTABLE ?

98% of breast cancer is related to our lifestyle while a mere 2% is dictated by
our genetics and family history. Being overweight, drinking alcohol, exposure to
environmental toxins and synthetic hormones are all risk factors that we can modify.
Screening methods are aimed at early detection. A large study in 2014 showed us that
mammogram screening does not reduce the number of breast cancer deaths, despite
fi nding the tumors. Thermography offers some promise as an adjunctive method that
may pinpoint changes in breast tissue before a tumor develops. Used together with
mammography and self exams, earlier detection may be possible.
While early detection is good, PREVENTION would be better. How? With the proper
diet, exercise, treatment of hormone imbalance and avoidance
of hormone disrupting environmental toxins, it is possible to
decrease or even prevent breast cancer.
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